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Making Sense of Mission

Too often, organizational mission statements meet one of two fates: One, they are too long and convoluted, tucked away in an annual report or employee handbook, never to be heard of again, or… two, they are plastered on the walls, embedded in everyone’s email signature and on their coffee cups and pens, and yet no one understands how they contribute to the organization’s mission in the work that they are actually doing.

CMO Reviews… The One-Minute Manager

The first "CMO Reviews..." article goes to this classic! This book is a super quick read, and perhaps for a complete newbie manager, full of little gems. For my experienced OBM folks, or behavior analysts in general that understand “IT’S ALL THE SAME SCIENCE”, you may not get as much from the read. But for 35-45 minutes of effort, why not settle in with a cup of tea and take a break with this book?

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