About Us

So why are we here?

Businesses of all types rely on one key ingredient that determines their success or failure. Universally. And that ingredient is people. Organizations cannot exist without people, whether it be the front-line workers, the managers, the executives, or the clients and consumers. Chief Motivating Officers was founded with this philosophy in mind – that for businesses to accomplish amazing things, we need our teams to want to do amazing things, too.

Meet our CEO

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA

Through her work as an organizational behavior management (OBM) practitioner and educator, Shannon has enacted positive behavior change in numerous organizations worldwide, and has influenced the professional development of thousands of leaders through speaking opportunities, training engagements, performance management solutions, and executive coaching/mentorship. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), an all-but-dissertation PhD dropout, and was a co-author on the best-selling OBM textbook OBM Applied: A Practical Guide to Implementing Organizational Behavior Management. In support of the growing community of behavioral practitioners in businesses, Shannon also volunteers her time as the Director of Operations of the largest OBM-focused professional development organization in the world – The OBM Network.

Photo of Shannon Biagi

Improving the world at work, one behavior change agent at a time.

That’s our mission statement. Now what exactly does that mean? 

Improving: Looking for socially significant changes that help businesses thrive, and make employees happy!  

The WorldAlways thinking globally and expanding the reach of behavior analytic practice worldwide. Remaining as culturally-conscious as possible, and acknowledging our biases and acting upon strategies to mitigate them.

At Work: Including businesses of all types, within and beyond human service organizations! OBM has unlimited and potential reach!

One: Acknowledging that no two individuals are alike, so we focus on each person and business’ goals, priorities, and professional development needs. NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL!

Behavior: Firmly rooted in our theoretical foundations of B.F. Skinner’s radical behaviorism, emphasizing social significance, least-restrictive approaches, and positive reinforcement in every approach we use!

Change Agent: Coaching and educating anyone and everyone, from front-line staff members to the C-suite. A true leader is far more than just a title!

At a TimePrioritizing the “now”, striving for mindfulness in every interaction and making each moment count.


Chief Motivating Officers prides itself on the values we adhere to and implement in our business strategies, consultation and education.  


Always Learning

Education and experiential learning never ends. Our team is constantly reading the latest academic research and spend significant time determining how to use the science in action to benefit our clients.

Expanding Perspectives

No one disclipline has the answers to all of the questions that we’re faced with, so we expand our literature reviews into business and management journals, and consume the “main-stream” writings of experts in areas beyond OBM as well.

Setting Goals

In order to grow, we must know where we’re growing. We set strategic goals, both for our business and with our clients, and use the data to determine whether we’re getting closer to our destination, or whether we need to course-correct.

Cultivating Connections

Our team prioritizes networking and community involvement. From our free OBM Reading Club, to countless of guest lectures and conference speaking events, we strive to connect and share our work with others as widely as possible.

Elevating Others

Our value of growth includes growing others. We teach, model, delegate, and support professionals at all points in their careers, from students to CEOs. Our client’s success is our success! 


Being Human

Sharing our experiences and embracing the different experiences of others is an essential component of our work. We are constantly checking our biases, resisting judgement, and remaining humble about our role in business and the world. 

Emphasizing Ethics

We aren’t perfect. We prioritize functional conversations about ethical practices, and determine steps forward based on perspective taking, risk analysis, and our professional codes and practice guidelines.


Inviting New Ideas

Progress is never made with closed-minds, and the truth is ever-changing as more research is published and more voices are heard. We want to be challenged, and understand that forming new opinions is not a personal loss.


Creating and sustaining behavior change, necessitates delegation. We encourage clients to build systems, make mistakes, and change based on data. Mentees are delegated real projects in which they can make errors and learn safely.

Sharing Knowledge

Most importantly, we share knowledge openly. We are fully aware of our work being shared without attribution or false attribution, but we are happy the work is contributing to our greater mission. Kindly and ethically cite our work, please.

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