Custom Training Events

Leadership development is a team effort!

CMO is known for our user-friendly, application focused training programs for new and seasoned leaders alike. Whether in-person or digital, live or recorded, you can customize a training program that fits the exact needs of your staff – without breaking the bank! From our OBM rotations for BACB supervisees, to our Leader Learning Labs for applications of leadership skills like feedback, performance diagnostics, and more… There is a training in our CMO catelog for every organization and every budget.

Popular topics include:

  • The Prism Feedback Method
  • Not About the Benjamins – Creativity in Staff Reinforcement
  • The Good Person vs. The Bad System – Troubleshooting Staff Performance Problems
  • How WE Know THEY Know – Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training
  • And countless others!

Start-Up Support

How can CMO help me start my organization?

We’ve happily assisted in new business owners to set up structure, systems, and processes to ensure their organization starts off on the right foot. We’re happy to review employee handbooks, help define company mission and values, establish systems for monitoring employee performance and outcomes, and even create ways to monitor organizational clinical outcomes, client waitlists, and so much more. For-profits or non-profits: we’ve been there as a support for both, and will gladly help you set your business up for success!

You don't need to go it alone!

New business owners can benefit greatly from a support system early on, so you may also want to check out our group coaching circles, held once a month in partnership with Gianna Biscontini of Courage Brands. Check out more information on the Hive community here.

Ongoing Organizational Development

Already have a growing business?

Let us help your organization run even smoother through our organizational development services. Need help setting one-, three-, or five-year goals? Want to develop a system to better monitor what is happening in your business? Is taking time to define your KPIs keeping you awake at night? Let us coach you and your teams into a better understanding of your business, company culture, and more. We can help you define and document processes, refine job descriptions, and help drive positive organizational systems changes that will allow your employees to have autonomy and control, while allowing you to sleep at night.

Rest easier knowing you have a handle on all aspects of your growing organization.

We understand the struggles of business leadership, and are proud to bring both compassion and action to our coaching sessions. We are flexible and meet with our clients as much or as little as needed.

Employee Experience Evaluation

The ultimate organizational pulse check

In partnership with Toolbox Training and Consultancy in Zurich, our team has developed the E3 – The Employee Experience Evaluation. This quarterly social validity assessment is implemented with all of your employees, and targets satisfaction with onboarding and training, ongoing task support, supervision and oversight, reinforcement and recognition, work-life balance, continuous learning and professional development, receptiveness to feedback and change, leadership, culture and inclusivity, and much more. Tired of inactionable feedback from staff? The E3 is specifically designed to provide clear steps forward! Learn more…

Performance Scorecards

Interested in performance scorecard systems?

Our team has developed numerous unique performance scorecard systems across the globe, based on the work of William B. Abernathy, Aubrey Daniels, and other prominent OBM professionals. Each system is catered specifically to the organization’s specific needs and support systems, accounts for social validity and sustainability, and is tied to valuable business results for each organization. Our goal is always balance: balancing quality and quantity measures, balancing amount of work for leaders and return on investment, and the happiness of employees with the health of the business. 

Custom Assessments/Solution Planning

Your struggle is our puzzle

Nagging organizational issues are our favorite puzzles to solve. If you don’t see something here that fits your exact experience, don’t hesitate to set up a no-cost 30 minute consultation with us! We will dig into the issue with you, provide resources and references to help you move towards solutions, and, if needed, set up a consultative relationship to help drive you towards success. New and unique organizational issues are what create the spark that CMO is known for, influencing the creation of novel solutions and tools that others can benefit from moving forward. Use the contact form below to set up some time with us!

The CMO Affiliate Program

What is a CMO Affiliate?

Here at Chief Motivating Officers, we believe in collaboration across all applications of behavior science. Our affiliate program brings this to the forefront of our practice, allowing us to partner with organizations (within and beyond the human service space) that support the practice of organizational behavior management and see its value applied in their businesses. Becoming a CMO Affiliate allows you to offer OBM supervision and projects to your existing staff members, and also allows us to refer potential new employees (i.e. individuals seeking certification that would like OBM experiences) to you as well! Read on for more information, and download our full Affiliate information flyer here.

What Benefits do CMO Affiliates enjoy?

  • Your current supervised staff will be able to accrue indirect/unrestricted experience hours much more easily than in a clinical-only experience.
  • They will additionally contribute value-adding services to your business, from helping develop org charts, writing job descriptions, refining internal training and development programs, documenting processes and procedures, establishing incentive systems, among so much more!
  • You can help shape their projects! Imagine what is keeping you awake at night… Your turnover issues, poor employee engagement, those failed recruitment efforts, all the insurance billing dollars left on the table… Get OBM help at a fraction of the price of an external consultant.
  • Attract high quality employees! OBM is in huge demand right now, and many people are looking to get experience in the area. Differentiate yourself from other companies in your area by offering OBM experiences to your employees.
  • Reduce clinician burnout by varying their tasks, while still contributing value to the business.
  • Develop, not only high-quality clinicians, but managers, supervisors, and business-savvy behavior analysts for the benefit of the field at large!
  • Plus discounts on other services and offerings, such as group CE discounts, analyses, and much more.

How do we become a CMO Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is completely free! Seriously. All you have to do is contact us, send along a logo when requested, and we will add you to our database that potential OBM supervisees can search to find their practice sites. Free and easy: It doesn’t get much better than that!

That being said, some organizations may choose to sponsor their internal talent as they begin their journey into OBM, and that’s OK too! We offer a reduced rate for  organizations that are funding their employees, and can provide further discounts for multiple supervisees in one organization. Additionally, for orgs that have multiple supervisees with us, we will hold group supervision meetings for your team, and will be happy to include non-supervisees in these meetings at no additional cost. Develop an internal OBM team for your organization!

Our affiliate model is our way of thanking the ABA community at large for supporting behavior science in the workplace, and allowing us to support them as well! Thank you!!

Download the full Affiliate flyer here!

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Interested in any of the services described above?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to see how we can support you!