OBM Supervision for
Behavior Analysts

With our supervision program, you will be able to meet the supervision requirements to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination, while learning to apply the science of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) from experienced practitioners.

Our Supervision Program

Learn about our remote supervision program, which is 100% online, 100% applied, and 100% OBM-based in content and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have lots of questions, so we’ve addressed some of the most commonly asked ones here.


Choose from many different options to meet your supervision needs: full-time or part-time, standard or concentrated, and more!

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Practicing What We Preach

Our supervision experience is designed for teaching the science of OBM, using the science of OBM. We provide clear expectations, lots of feedback, coaching, goal-setting, and will be monitoring and evaluating the data associated with our supervision practice. And most importantly, we listen to our supervisees feedback and assess satisfaction/social validity throughout the experience to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to be successful.

Less Talking, More Doing

We firmly believe that the most effective way to learn OBM is to apply the science! This experience has specific projects and assignments for the supervisee to complete, culminating into a portfolio of work for resume building and professional development.  These activities will directly benefit their supporting organizations in numerous ways, creating value and improving business outcomes. We also include many books and peer-reviewed journal articles to support these activities as well!

Meets BACB Supervision Requirements

All of our CMOs are board certified and eligible to supervise. The experience is designed with the BACB supervision standards, task list, and ethics code as the first priority.

Special OBM Curriculum

Our supervision experience is highly structured and organized to help ensure that supervisees meet the requirements for the BACB, as well as reach overall professional development goals.

Distance Supervision

Regular individual and group meetings are scheduled between the CMO and supervisee to fit their busy schedules, and are completed 100% virtually. Develop your OBM skills from anywhere in the world*!

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a supervisor is a huge commitment, so to help give you an idea of what the process is like, what the details of the program are, we put together some FAQs for you! If we missed anything please feel free to reach out to us!
What does a supervision experience with CMO look like?
Each experience will look a little different depending on your interests! Early on you will work with your supervisor to outline your professional development goals and priorities, and they will customize your experience to help achieve those goals. However, some activities will be required regardless of your interests; typically those that are very common practice in OBM, or those that support the BACB task list items necessary for you to (hopefully) pass the BACB examination. A curriculum with additional materials and references is provided. We also integrate some additional online instruction and engagement with other supervisees through group supervision and other activities.
Which task list will you be using for my supervision experience?
Our curriculum is designed with the upcoming 5th edition BACB task list in mind; however, the supervision experience will meet 4th edition standards as well.
How much does supervision with CMO cost?
Our hourly supervision rate is on par with other individuals offering distance supervision for behavior analysts. The rate may be on the higher end of the market average; however, there are fewer supervisors offering opportunities in OBM. Additionally, we encourage individuals seeking certification to discuss getting some monetary support from the organizations in which they work, who will ultimately benefit from gaining a BCBA and OBM practitioner.
What technical systems do you use during the supervision experience?

Individual and group meetings will be held via Zoom, a free video conferencing platform. Our supervisors communicate extensively through email and via phone when necessary. File management will be taken care of through DropBox. Note: While businesses do not require the same level of regulatory compliance as clinical practice (i.e. HIPAA or FERPA), we encourage our supervisees to protect client confidentiality exactly as if they were working clinically. We additionally maintain supervisee-supervisor confidentiality, as you are our clients as well. Therefore, the systems we use to conduct supervision will be selected to ensure confidentiality.

Do you supervise individuals outside the United States?
Absolutely. We will want to ensure that we follow any laws or regulations of practice for your area, but we are open to (and have greatly enjoyed working with) international supervisees. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do!
What if I'm already certified or not interested in certification?
No problem. Feel free to contact us, and we will send you some resources.
Are you affiliated with the BACB/The OBM Network/(insert other organization here)?
While we do provide experience in OBM to help meet the requirements of the BACB, and some of our supervisors are involved in the OBM Network, we are not directly affiliated with any specific governing body, and are not supported in any way by these wonderful organizations.
Do I need to be employed by an organization when I begin my supervision ?
We highly recommend that you work for an organization that is familiar with the practice of OBM (the concept of “buy-in” will be stressed early on in your experience). This is to ensure you are able to get the practice hours necessary to meet the BACB’s requirements, and to also ensure you do not drop from the program due to financial hardship. However, we understand that this is not feasible for some, and that perhaps you will be seeking freelance OBM consulting experiences. An arrangement like this will need more planning, and may require more hours of supervision (and in turn increase the cost). Contact us for more details.
What do I need to have in place before beginning my supervision experience?
You will need to:

  • Have started your coursework towards BCBA certification (Documentation will need to be provided).
  • Have an organization selected in which to do your practice.
  • Have the support of senior management to practice OBM in their organization (We require a “sponsor” that we will contact regularly throughout the experience to ensure you are given the resources and opportunities necessary to achieve your goals).
  • IMPORTANT: If you are planning to do OBM in human service settings, we HIGHLY prioritize individuals with 500 or more hours of clinical experience.
  • Be prepared and willing to purchase readings and gain access to the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.
  • Have the necessary “tech savvy” to communicate regularly online and upload media and documents as requested.
  • Be aware that for the BCBA exam, there may be information we do not cover that is specific to the test. You will need to get this knowledge from your course sequence to ensure you are prepared for the exam.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Your supervision needs are unique. Whether you already have some supervision hours under your belt or haven’t started your experience yet, we have a plan that will help you achieve your OBM goals.

The Master Plan

For individuals who are interested in a concentrated supervision option under the upcoming 2022 supervision standards, The Master Plan provides supervision for 10% of your experience, for a total of 1500 experience hours. This intensive 13-month program includes nine 1-on-1 supervision meetings per month, and three additional group meetings per month, and meets 100% of your hour requirements to sit for the Behavior Analysis Certification exam. This is our most intense supervision option, so please reach out to us for more information!
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