If you’ve been considering performance scorecards, especially in a human service organization, have we got a treat for you!

I was contacted by my dear friend, and CMO Organizational Affiliate, Dr. Becca Tagg to join her on The Business of Behavior Podcast and talk about performance scorecard systems. You may have read my previous musings about these systems, but Becca and I delve deeper in this 1-hour conversation. I provide an overview of scorecard anatomy, and then we go into the 5 dos and 5 don’ts of implementing scorecard systems:

  1. Don’t use scorecards as a solutions without a functional assessment.
  2. Do understand how the organization is performing as a whole.
  3. Don’t pick arbitrary or pet peeve measures for individual cards.
  4. Don’t focus only on quantity or revenue drivers.
  5. Do involve employees early and often.
  6. Don’t launch company-wide immediately.
  7. Do let the data be your guide.
  8. Do tie to reinforcement.
  9. Don’t go it alone.
  10. Do research and read as much as possible beforehand.

If you’re interested in hearing the podcast, check it out here!

And the references I mention in the podcast can be found here:

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Pay for Profit by William B. Abernathy
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