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The Employee Experience Evaluation for Applied Behavior Analysis

"In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees, focusing on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organizations can create."

Jacob Morgan, keynote speaker, futurist and author of The Employee Experience Advantage

Like most novel innovations, the concept of the Employee Experience Evaluation (hereafter known as the E3) was born of frustration and disappointment with the current status quo around employee “engagement” or “satisfaction” surveys. In conversations between the teams at Chief Motivating Officers (a US-based consultancy) and Toolbox Training and Consultancy (a Switzerland-based team), we realized that the most popular tools currently used globally to assess “engagement” and “satisfaction” had a number of glaring errors that made their use, in retrospect, almost entirely useless for managers and leaders.

That is why we prefer to think in terms of employee experience, which constitutes an evaluation the entire employee lifecycle from the direct perspective of your staff members.

The objectives of the E3 are:

To Assess – The E3 is first and foremost an assessment tool: it aims to capture a snapshot of the organization and its functioning through the eyes of its employers. We carefully explore the current state of how the employee experience is perceived by each staff member, determining areas with the greatest room for improvement, as well as the areas in which the organization excels.

To Spark Change – Based on the assessment results, the CMO / TBX team makes behaviorally-anchored recommendations for the organization to deliver an optimal employee experience and help maximize its business goals. Each report includes customized recommendations for each area, as well as prioritized recommendations for the greatest potential impact in the shortest amount of time.



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(DATE YEAR) Evaluation Results

Adventures with Autism

 Item-by-Item Analysis

Area Findings and Recommendations

What Your Team Is Saying

Here are some highlighted comments from your team members to help guide your leadership in their next steps.

What Should We START doing?


I think we should organize regular events outside of work hours. Happy hours, bowling night etc.
Provide a mentorship program for new hires
Connection with therapy/therapists that are affordable with my current salary.
Creating new opportunities for financial growth.
I believe that our onboard training should be more intensive. I don’t think that our new employees are ready to do their jobs well after the training they receive.
I literally can’t think of anything yet
I know this is a reach but more affordable health insurance for family.
More communication leadership


What Should We START doing?


have a online/paper resource where a layout of how we can grow in the company and grow within then ABA field and resources for that.
More time to prepare lesson plans and materials.
New tablets
Although I am new, I think the way the center is ran is perfect .
More bonding time with staff. On a wellness Wednesday we could all go to the park and play together. Random potlucks. Just so we can continue to grow together and like each other even more.
More opportunities for growth, advancement, and additional responsibility.
Not much. Anything put here would be me just being greedy.
Continue to focus on values (personal and professional) and keep them in the forefront. Continue to further define roles and responsibilities for all staff at all levels.
I am overall happy with my working experience. I would like to have a way to know how I can go in the company/ grow in the field of ABA.


What Should We KEEP Doing?


Regular training and advancement opportunities.
Small caseloads and promoting work/life balance
Wellness Wednesday’s!
The treatment of their employees. They respect our personal lives and that things happen unexpectedly. We know that we are valued.
Continuing to promote support for its employees, as it already does. Continue to foster meaningful relationships within the company, continue to promote professional growth regardless of role or position.
Trainings weekly
Cascade EAP life balance program
When leadership reaches out to ask how we are doing (mentally, emotionally, etc.)
Communicate with their employees of their expectations, provide opportunities for growth, recognize good achievement from their employees



What Should We KEEP Doing?


Morning chats
keeping making the environment fun a day welcoming to all. Keep having theme days and possibly once covid ends we do putting as a company to build up company moral within our teams and the company.
Checking in on employees frequently, showing employees they care.
Continuing the wellness programs as well as Diversity.
Always saying Hi, asking how they are doing?, staying positive.
Training, wellness Wednesday
Have constant potluck days, team-building, and down time to engage with other employees after work hours.
Compliment jars, reinforcement via food offerings, incentivized awards for behavior/choices.
Atmosphere and mission both keep me focused and driven to perform my best.
Continue to allow for creativity and mentoring opportunities.
Keep being engaging and creating a fun and welcoming environment.



What Should We STOP Doing?

I’ve got nothing yet.
Changes with scheduling. The group schedule sometimes doesn’t make sense.
Comparing clinics to each other
nothing contributes negatively
I wish the outline for how to progress in the ABA was layed out or explained to us. Or have a way to access it.
No complaints
While I have not had a lot of time with this company, I personally and professionally have a great rapport with the company and the leaders in this organization. I hope they hold themselves accountable and continually make choices in the best interest of the employees that work here and the clients and families we serve.
Parking in parent parking spots. Only done by management.
Being careful of tone or at least acknowledging that their tone my come across one way but assure people they don’t mean. It like that.



 Appendix: Additional Detailed Analyses

By Organization Request

"I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

Jimmy Dean, American Entertainer

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