Classroom Performance Identification Tool

There’s a classroom performance problem? You just need to “CP IT”!
– Ronald Drummond, M.Ed, BCBA
Behavioral Engineer and Training Specialist

Use the tool below to guide your diagnostics process around a support staff performance issue . At the end, you’ll be sent a report with recommendations and tips for making changes to the classroom environment that will help increase team member performance! Did we mention that using this tool is completely FREE? Share with your leaders, teachers, and support staff to help reduce frustration and guide interventions to take your school to the next level!


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  • No need to provide specific names - just their job title.
  • Describe the behavior carefully, in observable and measurable terms. If your issue is that a less-desired behavior is occurring, describe here what you want to happen instead.
  • Think from multiple perspectives: the school administrators, the students, and the performer's themselves.