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Leave My Barista Alone: The Realities of Establishing a Pay-for-Performance System

A recent Forbes article declares, “Starbucks should pay its baristas not by the hour, but by the number of drinks served to customers.” A look into the science of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) would serve Starbucks wisely, and to leave the baristas pay alone until they get the ingredients of a Pay for Performance system planned right.

An OBM Perspective On The Task List

When looking at the BACB fifth edition task list, what would be different in training a clinical ABA professional versus an OBMer? In short, the main difference is the subject matter of leadership and management of other professionals, plus a dose of specialized experience in looking at systems, processes, and macro contingencies.

Inside Organizational Behavior Management: Perspectives of the field 37 years later

In this newsletter article for the OBM Network, the authors replicated a survey study conducted by Fredericksen and Lovett in 1980 on the state of the field of Organizational Behavior Management, 37 years later. In addition to demographic data, the authors noted changes in perceived definitions, outcomes, purpose, leaders in the field, and applications of this science between 1980 and 2017, and concluded that OBM is ready for an "upgrade" to enhance our reach and effectiveness.

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