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Improving the world at work, one behavior change agent at a time.

Our Philosophy

In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, many behavior scientists learn the application of ABA to populations including autism or developmental disabilities, education, traumatic brain injury, gerontology, and others. But across all of these fields,
practitioners are still working with staff, building businesses, working to motivate and collaborate with other practitioners, and more.

Similar, but not the Same

Learning to apply the science of behavior in organizations is a complex subfield of ABA, but is incredibly valuable across all applications of ABA as well. However, very few Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide supervision in this area.

Creating Value

That is where CMO comes in.  Like the conditioned motivating operation (specifically, the CMO-transitive), our goal is for your experience with us to increase your value in the field of ABA by providing you with supervision in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) practice.

Using the Science to
Teach the Science

Using the science that we teach and apply in our work,
we strive to create professionals that can consult as external change agents, as well as internal champions of behavior analysis applied to the world at work, or what we affectionately call the role of the Chief Motivating Officer.

Dissemination and Education

Organizational Behavior Management has been an established subfield of ABA since the late 1960s, but even today we struggle to gain the momentum that other similar fields (such as I/O psychology) celebrate. In a recent job analysis released by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, only 34 BCBAs out of over 7,000 certificants surveyed reported their practice area as OBM. Our goal is to be a catalyst to increase that number through our services and outreach.

Our Supervision Team

Our CMO supervisors are all Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and are eligible to supervise upcoming behavior analysts per BACB regulations. ALL of our OBM supervisors have on-campus graduate-level training in OBM and/or organizational psychology from reputable university programs, have extensive professional experiences utilizing OBM in a wide array of applications and settings, and are currently working in formal positions in the field.
Shannon Biagi

Shannon Biagi

MS, BCBA, CEO, OBM Supervisor

Performance management, OBM applications in human service settings, supervisory skills, consumer behavior, leadership, professional development planning, fluency, instructional design & eLearning, & dissemination.

Julie Slowiak

Julie Slowiak

PhD, BCBA, OBM Supervisor

Occupational health and safety, behavior-based & value-focused coaching, sports & athletic performance, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, performance management & improvement.

Organizational Affiliates

We team up with organizations that see the value of organizational behavior management to their businesses, and that support their internal supervisees to gain OBM experience and develop professionally with us!

We’re always accepting more Affiliates! Check out our For Organizations page for more information!

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